The Matryoshka.PW site demonstrates the ShofarNexus / Matryoshka system and allow exploration of the technology.  Normal security barriers are lowered to allow full examination of the technology.  This demo will receive emails, SMS text messages and phone calls, but nothing can be sent.

There is an online Portfolio located in Singapore and viewable at http://Demo.Matryoshka.PW.  Normally this would be the primary site for an online user.  A user that has their data on a local machine may also choose to have it mirrored online.  Unlike typical free services your data remains private by technology and not just policy.  We cannot access your data.

Email Accounts

The Portfolio has three email accounts associated with it.  Communications between the email accounts and the Portfolio is secure and anonymous.  There is no requirement that anyone outside of the Portfolio owner know which email accounts are used.

The Demo@Matryoshka.PW address is on a server in Texas and can be viewed at http://Demo.Matryoshka.PW.

The is on a server in Hong Kong and can be viewed at

The is on a server in Ireland and can be viewed at

Normally the email servers are not directly viewable on the web and require access via the owner’s Portfolio.

Phone Numbers

The demo has two phone numbers, one in Texas (+1 469-789-7700) that can receive voice calls and SMS texts and can be viewed at http://14697897700.Matryoshka.PW.

A second is in Poland (+48 799 449 494) and can receive SMS texts only.  The server is in Ireland and can be viewed at

Matryoshka.PW Demo for ShofarNexus
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